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Business banking

Update on February 9, 2021:

Azlo has recently shut down, but I started using Bluevine. It’s just as easy to set up an account with them, and they offer interest on your account, which Azlo did not do, making it even better.

At this stage, it is not quite advantageous for me yet to form a company. In Tennessee, however, I am allowed to do business under an assumed name, also called a “fictitious business name.” This is known as “Doing Business As” or “DBA.” No registration is required in Tennessee. However, this presents a problem if you want to open a business bank account, as most banks require registration as proof of the existence of the business.

Not so with Azlo. They allow you to apply according to the requirements of your state. By offering proof (this website) of my DBA, I was able to open a fee-free business account with them without any hassle. I have been using them for several months now without any issue and have been able to use my business name for banking purposes.

The links here are not affiliate links. I am recommending them not to receive a kickback but because I actually use them and genuinely feel that they are a good bank for small businesses and entrepreneurs.