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Creating a favicon for your site

To add to the overall experience of your website, you can create what is called a “favicon.” This is the icon that shows up when someone saves your page to their bookmarks or their home screen on their mobile device. It also appears in the browser tab in some browsers. It can help make your website more memorable and solidify the identity. It can be anything, but if you have a logo, this is the perfect place to use it.

Here’s mine:

Carmical Translations favicon

Many years ago, I remember it being a complicated process, because there are several requirements for the size and format for it to work correctly. However, for this website, I used RealFaviconGenerator. You simply upload a picture, and the tool does the rest. You can also enter your website URL to check and make sure everything is working correctly as far as the favicon goes.

Favicon checker

That’s all I have for this one, but I hope it helps.