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How Professional Japanese Translation Can Help Your Business

Because globalization opens the doors to a wide variety of international markets, one of the most important things for your company to do is translate its materials into Japanese. Japan’s economy is currently the third-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Because of this, Japanese translation holds a significant amount of importance when you decide you want to take your products and services beyond the borders of your own country.

It is estimated that approximately 125 million people use Japanese as their first language. Despite Japan being smaller than the state of Texas, the Japanese language is the ninth most spoken language in the world.

The vast majority of native speakers are located in Japan. But Japanese speakers can be found all over the world. For example, about 16.7% of the population in Hawaii communicates in Japanese at home. That’s not an insignificant number!

In the United States, there are approximately 664,000 native speakers of the Japanese language. The largest communities are found in the states of California and Hawaii.

Carrying on Business with Japanese Companies

There is no way around the fact that you will need to have your materials translated into Japanese if you plan on breaking into a new market where Japanese is the predominant language. The best way to communicate with your potential clients is to speak their language. Now, the question that may come up is why one would choose to use human translators when there are tools that can be used for free.

Quality and accuracy are the primary justifications for investing in an experienced Japanese translator. An accurate translation can only be provided by a person who is fluent in Japanese, has worked as a translator for a significant amount of time, and has extensive knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

The Japanese language is a very complex language that English speakers invariably consider one of the more challenging to learn. This is because it has a complicated hierarchy of politeness, which the Japanese take very seriously. It also has the opposite sentence structure to English and contains three separate writing systems.

Because of this, it is hard for the AI systems of the world to translate correctly, meaning those free online translation tools will not be up to the quality a business needs. In fact, you risk your content being rendered meaningless in some cases or even downright offensive! For this reason, you must work with a Japanese translation professional’s assistance to ensure that the correct information is communicated.

Improves your Marketing Strategy

Your strategy to enter the Japanese market is going to be severely affected if the translation of your documents is not done correctly. When you choose to work with a reputable translation company, such as Carmical Translations, the process of translating the materials for your company won’t take much time. Furthermore, you know that your results will be accurate. This means you will communicate the intended meaning to the intended audience. This takes the guessing out of what the online translation tools have said, relying instead on someone who understands the language and culture.  

Why Japanese Translation is Needed

English is not commonly used in Japan. As a result, you are responsible for exerting the effort necessary to translate all of your business materials into Japanese.

Because of the many ways the English language can be spoken, it can be very challenging for native Japanese speakers to comprehend information presented to them in English. A professional translation can assist your business in effectively communicating the intended meaning to the target audience.   

Human translation allows you to know that you are presenting your business in a very professional manner. While there are online translation tools, which serve a purpose, when it comes to presenting your business, you need a level of professionalism these tools simply cannot provide. Business communication is vital if you plan to break into the Japanese market with your global marketing.

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