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Do you need business information about Japan?

Japan is the world’s third largest economy. Its GDP surpassed $5 trillion in 2019.

If you already have a product in Japan, do you know:

  • What Japanese users are saying on social media?
  • What your competitors are doing in the Japanese market?
  • What research and technology developments are being discussed in academic journals and patents?

On the other hand, if you’re looking to expand into Japan, perhaps you want to find out if there’s demand for your product or if competition already exists. Maybe you want to know what methods your competitors are using to advertise. Do you know if your product name has negative connotations in Japanese? I can help with market analysis to answer these  questions and more.


Information and people search

Do you need some important information from Japan but don’t where to look? Have you heard different things from different people? Do you have a name but no contact information? I may be able to help.

Cultural issues

I lived in Japan for a total of more than 11 years, and I still visit every three or four years on average. My time in Japan has given me a deep understanding of the culture and mentality. If you’re having trouble with your contacts in Japan, I can help sort out the issues.

Other customized services

I customize my services to suit the needs and expectations of each client, and I can bundle translation and consulting into one package that will further enhance cost-effectiveness.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your business needs.